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What Barcelona tour options are available?

Barcelona Tours and Attractions

There are a variety of different ways to explore the city of Barcelona. Choosing which tour is right for you depends on how and for how long you would like to see the sights of the city. All tours book quickly so try to arrange them in advance.

Barcelona City Tours provide customizable tours of the city. The company will tailor your outing to only cover the Barcelona attractions you want to see. Tour guides will pick you up from your hotel in a minivan or coach and take you out for a half day or day long tour of the area.

If you're a wine fan you should take a Wine and Tapas tour of Barcelona. The tours will typically take you to a variety of different Tapas bars in the area to experience different aspects of the Spanish culture.

If you're feeling very adventurous then you may want to try a Barcelona tour by sky. Many helicopter companies in Barcelona provide helicopter tours of the city that can offer you a truly unique look at Barcelona. Prices range from 45 Euros for a 5 minute flight to 240 Euro or more for flights half an hour or longer.

What museums should I visit in Barcelona?

Barcelona Museums

Barcelona is home to a variety of museums. Two of the
best museums to visit during your trip
are the Picasso museum and the Barbier-Mueller Museum of Pre-Columbian Art.

The Picasso museum is a must while in Barcelona and can be an excellent day trip
for a family or small group. Picasso spent several years of his life in Barcelona
and the museum features some of the artist's early work. Pieces in the museum
include some of his childhood sketches as well as some pictures from his Rose
and Blue periods. The museum is open for tours Tuesday through Sunday at a cost
of about 5 Euro. It is closed on Mondays.

The Barbier-Mueller Museum of Pre-Columbian Art is the only museum in Europe
that is completely dedicated to pre-Columbian art. The museum is small and
contains only around 100 different pieces of art. Items include ceramics,
sculptures, tapestries, and other archaeological gems from the territory
between Mesoamerica and South America before the
Spanish arrived. The Barbier-Mueller
is closed on Mondays but
is open the remainder of the week and weekend. Children under sixteen can enter
the museum for free and with general admission is 3 Euros. Discounted tickets
are available for students and large groups.

Other museums you may want to visit during your Barcelona
vacation are Gaudi Casa-Museu, Gaudi's Alice-in-Wonderland house and Fundacio
Miro, a contemporary art museum.

How do I get around in Barcelona?

Traveling in Barcelona

The subway is one of the easiest ways to explore Barcelona, with five different lines to help you get around. The FGC (Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya) has two lines that operate within Barcelona and can be a great choice if you want to make a day trip to a nearby town.

If you're traveling a short distance then the bus may be the way to go. Buses will usually arrive every fifteen minutes and can allow you to see parts of the city while you are traveling to your next destination. Most of Barcelona's attractions are located within walking distance from the bus line. You can also take the bus to explore the Barcelona nightlife. But remember two things: Buses operate during the night on limited schedules and on Friday and Saturday nights buses will fill up quickly, so plan ahead for your weekends.

If taxis are your preferred method of transportation, they are readily available. Cabs in Barcelona work much like they do in other countries. Cabs will show a green light when they are free and will use a meter to determine the cost of your ride. If you take a cab to the airport or have luggage with you during your ride then you will often be changed an additional fee.

Wha is on the Barcelona sea front?

The Barcelona Sea Front

The sea front of Barcelona has a lot to offer tourists. The area was once an industrial ground, but after the 1992 Olympic games was turned into a new district with restaurants, shops, and bars that are all well worth a visit as well as a beach that can be used for sunbathing and swimming.

One big tourist attraction on the Barcelona sea front is the monument of Christopher Columbus. The monument was put up as homage to the explorer and offers a spectacular view of the city.

Also located on the seafront is the Moll d'Espanya, which is a shopping center particularly busy during the weekend. The mall features a variety of different shops as well as a good deal of restaurants to choose from for dining while you shop.

For a little bit of Spanish culture you can visit the church of La Merce, which is a Baroque style church that was built for the virgin La Merce, the patron saint of Barcelona. The city of Barcelona has a festival for La Merce on September 24th every year (a public holiday). Events for the festival include a parade, musical performances, sporting events and fireworks.

How can I get to Barcelona?

Traveling to Spain

Flights to Spain are usually easy to come by. Typically Barcelona flights are cheaper during Spain's off-season months, which are October- May. Like plane tickets to other locations, the earlier you purchase your plane ticket, the cheaper it will likely be.

Barcelona travel packages can often be a great way to book both your flight and your hotel at the same time. Many carriers have special deals with airlines and hotels to offer their services at a discount when purchased together.

There are three major airlines that travel regularly from the United States to Barcelona. Air Europa, Air Plus Comet and Iberia all offer daily non-stop service from New York (and other major U.S. cities) to Spain.

When traveling form within Europe, you can usually purchase an inexpensive Barcelona flight from most major European airports. If you are in Europe you should also consider traveling to Barcelona via train. Trains to Barcelona arrive daily and tickets are often considerably less expensive than plane tickets.

Where can I go an night in Barcelona?

Barcelona Nightlife

Spanish nightlife takes partying to the extreme with clubs staying open well into the morning hours. Unlike in the United State, where late night events are typically reserved for adults, in Spain it's not uncommon to see entire families (including younger children) out past midnight eating dinner or socializing with others.

If you've never been out then Old Town Barcelona may be a great place for you to start your experience. Old Town Barcelona has a variety of different bars and clubs so you are bound to find an establishment that suits your group.

Most clubs won't open until midnight if not one or two in the morning. Because of that it may be helpful to take a nap in the early afternoon before going out or start the day later so you are awake enough to fully take in the nightlife.

If you do decide to go to a club, be prepared to pay an abnormally high fee for drinks. Drinks in clubs, especially the trendy popular clubs, can cost five to ten times the cost of drinks elsewhere.

Where can I go for a day trip from Barcelona?

Day trips from Barcelona

There are quite a few day trips one can take from Barcelona. One of the best is to the Vila Olimpica at Poble Nou. The Olympic village was created in 1992 when the Olympic games were held in Barcelona and is a must-see for any sports lover. The easiest way to get to the Olympic village is by taking the metro. The tour includes the Mapfre Tower and Hotel Arts (two of the tallest buildings in Spain), a David and Goliath fountain as well as several landmarks such as the Olympic ring and stadium.

If you're a shopper then a tour of la Rambia may be just for you. Rambia is comparable to the Champs Elysees in Paris or the Via Veneto in Rome and has a large collection of shops, art galleries and museums to explore throughout the day, in addition to street entertainers during the warmer months.

Barcelona's wine country can also be a fun day trip. The region offers a variety of different wines to sample from different winemakers and vineyards. The area can be toured by bike or foot and can give you a glimpse into Spanish culture while in some of the most beautiful parts of Barcelona.

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