Barcelona Nightlife

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Where can I go an night in Barcelona?

Barcelona Nightlife

Spanish nightlife takes partying to the extreme with clubs staying open well into the morning hours. Unlike in the United State, where late night events are typically reserved for adults, in Spain it's not uncommon to see entire families (including younger children) out past midnight eating dinner or socializing with others.

If you've never been out then Old Town Barcelona may be a great place for you to start your experience. Old Town Barcelona has a variety of different bars and clubs so you are bound to find an establishment that suits your group.

Most clubs won't open until midnight if not one or two in the morning. Because of that it may be helpful to take a nap in the early afternoon before going out or start the day later so you are awake enough to fully take in the nightlife.

If you do decide to go to a club, be prepared to pay an abnormally high fee for drinks. Drinks in clubs, especially the trendy popular clubs, can cost five to ten times the cost of drinks elsewhere.



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