Traveling to Spain

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How can I get to Barcelona?

Traveling to Spain

Flights to Spain are usually easy to come by. Typically Barcelona flights are cheaper during Spain's off-season months, which are October- May. Like plane tickets to other locations, the earlier you purchase your plane ticket, the cheaper it will likely be.

Barcelona travel packages can often be a great way to book both your flight and your hotel at the same time. Many carriers have special deals with airlines and hotels to offer their services at a discount when purchased together.

There are three major airlines that travel regularly from the United States to Barcelona. Air Europa, Air Plus Comet and Iberia all offer daily non-stop service from New York (and other major U.S. cities) to Spain.

When traveling form within Europe, you can usually purchase an inexpensive Barcelona flight from most major European airports. If you are in Europe you should also consider traveling to Barcelona via train. Trains to Barcelona arrive daily and tickets are often considerably less expensive than plane tickets.



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