When to plan a Rome Vacation

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When should I plan my Rome vacation?

When to plan a Rome Vacation

Most people choose to plan their Rome vacation during the Spring and Fall making those months very crowded in the city. Rome is very busy from Easter through October of each year. So if you decide to travel to Rome during those months go prepared to spend a lengthy time in lines and be surrounded by a substantial amount of other tourists.

Many of the locals will leave town for vacations during summer months, making it the perfect time to travel to Rome, while the city is less crowded. Keep in mind, however, that a good deal of restaurants and shops in Rome are closed during the month of August. If you do decide to travel to Rome during the summer, you should know that the city will be extremely hot. The best way to deal with the heat is to start your day very early (before the sun is up) and then take a break at the hotel in the early afternoon, when the sun is its hottest, before heading out again in the evening.

If you're very interested in shopping or trying out a variety of restaurants then you may want to plan your trip before or after August so the majority of the places you want to visit are open for business. Christmas can also be a great time to visit Rome, as not many tourists are in the city during the winter months, which can make it the perfect time to visit museums and sites without having to wait in long lines. Not a bad way to spend the Holidays, is it?



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