Pantheon Tours

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What can I see at the Pantheon?

Pantheon Tours

The Pantheon was originally built in 10 B.C. as a temple. The word Pantheon actually means "Temple to all the Gods" in Greek. The original temple was burned down in 80 A.D. and was replaced by Domitian. The second temple burned down 40 years later in 120 A.D. and was replaced by Hadrian.

From the outside the Pantheon doesn't look all that impressive. Inside, however, there is a spectacular dome with an opening at the top called the Oculus (meaning eye in Latin) that is exposed to the sky. The Pantheon was given to the Christian church in 609 A.D. and has since been taken care of by Popes who have kept it in very good condition.

There are a good deal of Pantheon tours available for Rome travelers, and the average tour will take half an hour to complete. Some hotels offer its guests Pantheon tours for free!



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