Travelling to Amsterdam

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How should I travel to Amsterdam?

Travelling to Amsterdam

Amsterdam flights can be found at an affordable rate, especially if you are traveling from another area in Europe. If you're arriving from another country in Europe you may want to consider travelling by rail. Rail passes can typically be purchased at a rate much lower than plane tickets. In many cases you can purchase a rail pass good for as many trips on the train as you want for a certain period of time (for instance, a month). With a rail pass you would be able to not only travel to Amsterdam, but also travel to your next destination for the same fee.

If possible, avoid driving a car to Amsterdam. The streets are very narrow and there isn't a great deal of parking available within the city. The parking that is available for the public is usually very expensive which can add a great deal of cost to your Amsterdam trip. If you do drive a car to Amsterdam you should consider parking it in a long term lot at the airport or the Amsterdam arena and then taking the bus or walking around the city.



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