Spend the Day Discovering Pompeii Tours from Rome

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What can I expect to see on Pompeii tours from Rome?

Spend the Day Discovering Pompeii Tours from Rome

Of all the ancient Rome tours, a visit to Pompeii is a must while staying in Italy. Nowhere else will you see history so well preserved. The story behind this famous place is laid bare as you wander around the streets between former houses and brothels. You will see the last moments in the lives of the people of Pompeii that were captured by the erupting volcano.

If you are taking one of the Pompeii tours from Rome in the summer, be aware that it gets extremely hot. Have plenty of water with you and try not to stay in the sun too long. There is plenty to see inside the many ancient houses and public buildings of Pompeii.

will guide you through this ancient city, where you will learn about the details of this Italian landmark. Have your camera ready -- the frescos inside the brothel will open the eyes of the most experienced traveller, while the public baths and Roman roads, all perfectly preserved, will amaze you.

When taking a Pompeii tour from Rome, be sure to take a walk to the top of the volcano. After seeing the damage that it caused, it's fascinating to walk to the summit and peer into the mouth of the volcano.



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