How to Choose From the Many Day Trips from Rome

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How do I choose which day trips from Rome to take?

How to Choose From the Many Day Trips from Rome

No matter how long your Rome vacation it, you'll never feel like it's enough time. Both in the city and its surrounding areas, you'll find so much to see. With so many places to visit, it's important to narrow down your list of day trips from Rome. Figure out your interests and find attractions that match! Here are some suggestions:

Visit Pompeii, the perfectly preserved volcano city, and Florence and Tivoli, famous for Hadrian's Villa. All of these are easily accessible from Rome. You can also plan a day trip from Rome that leads you to Naples. This city has a character all its own with busy streets, bustling alleyways and hidden treasures. For instance, visit the Museo Archeologico and you'll be quite amazed at what you see.

If you fancy travelling a little further, go south to Sorrento.This region is full of vineyards and fruit trees, as well as fine restaurants and stunning views.



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