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What is Lavapies?


If you're looking to escape the traditional Madrid tourist attractions, Lavapies is an excellent place to visit in order to experience a bit of the real culture of Madrid . The medieval street plan isn't generally considered a popular tourist spot simply because there aren't that many landmarks or attractions nearby. The barrio has become a melting pot for a variety of different cultures in Madrid and is a wonderful place to explore.

"Lavapies" loosely translated means “Place of the Jews.” The area was once the Jewish quarter of the city and the home of the majority of the Madrid Jewish population. Today a variety of different races and cultures live in the area.

The neighborhood can be a wonderful place for an afternoon stroll. You can often see a variety of locals chatting with one another, children playing in the street, and ladies hanging their laundry out to dry. Lavapies is an excellent place to get a real sense of Madrid culture away from the hustle and bustle of all the typical tourist attractions.



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