Traveling to Florence

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How should I get to Florence?

Traveling to Florence

Florence's main airport is Amerigo Vespucci. It connects with all of Italy's main airports as well as thirteen other airports throughout Europe including Paris, London, Amsterdam and Barcelona. Getting a flight into Florence is very easy if you're already in a major European city or within Italy. If you are flying into Florence from another country you will more than likely have to connect to a Florence flight once you arrive in Europe.

If you are already in Italy then the train may be your best bet for getting to Florence. Florence is located on the Milan-Rome line and can be easy accessed from either city of anywhere else on the line, with trains frequently making trips down the line. There are also a variety of direct train lines from Pisa to Florence making it easy to make the trip from there or places like Genoa and the locations in the Tyrrhenian coast that connect in Pisa.

Driving to Florence is not usually advisable. It can be difficult to find parking while you're there and most Florence attractions can be easily accessed using public transportation, which is much easier than trying to find locations on your own and then park at them.



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