Shakespeare's Globe Theater

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What is the Globe Theater?

Shakespeare's Globe Theater

Shakespeare's Globe Theater is a London establishment designed to showcase and celebrate the work of William Shakespeare. The theater is a reconstruction of the open-air playhouse designed in 1599, where Shakespeare showed many of his most famous plays. The theater is well worth a visit for Shakespeare lovers and a must-see for anyone who loves theater.

The Globe is located on the south bank of the Thames River opposite St. Paul's Cathedral. The theater brings in close to 750,000 visitors a year to see shows and learn about Shakespeare's plays and his life.

The Globe is an open-air theater meaning that it has no roof and thus only has productions during the warmer months. The Globe theater season runs from May through October each year, showing not only the work of Shakespeare but also the work of several modern playwrights. Productions will continue on no matter what the weather so theater goers are encouraged to come prepared for rain. Visitors are not permitted to use umbrellas during productions so they do not obscure the view of other patrons.

Tickets can be purchased for shows online in advance or through the theaters box office.



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