When to Travel to London

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When should I travel to London?

When to Travel to London

London travel is at its busiest from the middle of April to the middle of October. The best time to visit London depends on what you would like to do while you're on your London vacation.

London can be a spectacular place to visit during the spring and summer months for its elaborate gardens. But if you do decide to travel during the warm months, keep in mind that the majority of buildings in London will not be air conditioned so things can get hot. Many of the modern hotels, restaurants, and stores are air conditioned but they are few and far between.

Winter can also be a beautiful time to travel to London. The U.K. capital gets snow during the colder months, which can be wonderful to see in the city. Even in the bitter cold most tours and attractions will continue on.

London weather is ever changing. When you do travel to London bring clothing for a variety of different weather conditions. You will more than likely encounter rain at least once during your stay, no matter how short it is, so an umbrella and raincoat are must-haves.



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