The Guinness Storehouse

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What is the Guinness Storehouse?

The Guinness Storehouse

Beer lovers will enjoy visiting the Guinness Storehouse, the “Home of Guinness.” Originally built in 1904, the Storehouse is one of Ireland's most popular tourist attractions and a must-see when visiting Dublin.

The ground floor of the Guinness Storehouse introduces you to the four main ingredients in beer: water, yeast, barley, and hops. Once you are acquainted with what goes into the beer, you are taken to the first floor of the building which goes through the brewing process step-by-step. Special selected guests are invited to start the Guinness brewing process using Guinness's brewing computer. The remaining floors of the building teach visitors about the history of Guinness and how to pour their own pint.

The core of the Guinness Storehouse is modeled after a giant pint glass and stretches from the ground floor to The Gravity Bar at the top of the building, where visitors are given a complementary pint of Guinness. The giant pint glass if filled would hold 14.3 million pints of Guinness. The Gravity bar offers a wonderful panoramic view of Dublin that can make the trip well worth your while even if you're not a beer lover.



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