Travelling in Amsterdam

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How do I get around in Amsterdam?

Travelling in Amsterdam

The best way for you to travel in Amsterdam is by foot. Amsterdam is a beautiful city and walking to your destination will allow you to see other things around the city. If you're traveling a short distance in Amsterdam, but one too far to walk you may want to travel by bike. Bikes are a popular way for locals to get around, so you'll see a great deal of them as you travel about the city. Bikes can often be rented for a small fee or can even be purchased.

Amsterdam also has a very good Tram system for traveling around the center of the city. Trams run a variety of different routes and will usually leave every ten to fifteen minutes. If you're traveling outside of the center or the city then you may want to take a bus. Buses don't run with the same frequency as the Trams inside the city but will usually depart at least every half hour. Busses also run late at night so you can travel easily to your after dark destinations.

Due to limited and expensive parking you want to steer away from driving a car while you travel in Amsterdam. The subway is also not the best choice for tourists and is typically only used by local commuters to get to and from work.



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