Amsterdam Canal Cruises

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What are Amsterdam canal cruises?

Amsterdam Canal Cruises

Amsterdam canal cruises can be a great way to tour the city. Canal cruises give you a unique look at the city from the water and are particularly popular with those who want to see the city but who may not be able to walk the canal. If you're only in Amsterdam for a short period of time, a canal cruise can be a great way to get a quick look at the city.

Most tour boats hold close to 40 people and will provide a guided tour of the area in several different languages. Amsterdam canal cruises leave throughout the day every half hour to every hour and will typically cost around 8 euros. Cruises will have a specified route that covers a particular area of town or neighborhood, though you won't be able to get off the boat and explore on foot.

If you are traveling to Amsterdam with a significant other a night canal cruise may be a romantic way to spend an evening. There are a variety of evening canal cruises available, many of which will provide you and your loved ones with a lovely dinner as you travel the scenic canal.



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