The Van Gough Museum

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What is at the Van Gough museum?

The Van Gough Museum

The Van Gough Museum is one of the most famous Amsterdam museums and a must-see on your amsterdam trip. The museum opened in 1973 and is currently the largest collection of Van Gough's paintings in the world. The museum also houses the works of several other 19th century painters who were painting at the same time as Van Gough. In addition to an extensive collection of paintings the museum also houses a reading room. The reading room is filled with resources about Van Gough and has access to internet sites where you can learn more about the artist's life and paintings.

Unlike most museums, the Van Gough museum does not provide any of their own tour guides. For a small fee you can rent a set of headphones that will provide you with an audio tour of the museum.

If you're traveling to the Van Gough museum with children the museum provides children with a brochure of things to search for within the paintings. The scavenger hunt will make the museum an enjoyable experience for children and adults alike.

The Van Gough museum is easy to get to via tram from wherever you are staying in the city. The museum does not have a group discount, but does offer discounted tickets for children under the age of seventeen. Tickets can be purchased at the door or through the museums website.



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