Choose Your Own Trip from Suggested Travel Itineraries in Europe

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What do I need to know about planning a successful trip to Europe?

Choose Your Own Trip from Suggested Travel Itineraries in Europe

To get the best from your European trip, you need to create a plan. Create a list of things you'd like to do, but don't pack every minute with an activity. It could turn your trip into a tiring vacation, instead of an exciting one.

Start by writing down destination ideas. From there you can refine your list and decide which country efficiently leads you to your next destination. Don't be too ambitious about the trip -- you may have to save some of your ideal European travel destinations until a later trip. For example, you could easily visit England, France, Germany and Switzerland and see all the major cities and sights. Adding Spain or Italy would be impractical, unless your trip was a few months. If Eastern countries are important to you, then leave out England and Spain. It's easy to divide Europe up into chunks and concentrate on each one. France, Germany, England and Spain can be included in the same trip, while Italy, Germany, Austria and France would be a separate trip

If you are hoping to travel Europe by train, do your research. Public transport in Europe is very good, but avoid travelling at night, particularly in big cities.

Bus travel in Europe can be a lot of fun. Most bus drivers are used to tourists and are happy to help you, but be aware that they may not run on time and aren't always the most comfortable way to travel.

Europe travel packages are probably the easiest and safest ways to travel. All the hassle is gone and you can enjoy travelling from one country to another knowing your hotels are booked and your tickets are already sorted.

If you are unsure about how to plan your trip, consider a variety of suggested travel itineraries in Europe from sites like Viator. You can decide on what attractions and countries you want to see and prioritize your entire trip.



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