Expect Variety from Madrid Tours and Attractions

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What can I expect to see while in Madrid?

Expect Variety from Madrid Tours and Attractions

No matter your interests, it's likely that Madrid has something for you. Madrid tours and attractions range from art museums to a buzzing nightlife. The Pardao Museum is one of Madrid's greatest tourist attractions. Housing works by Goya and Rubens, to name only a few, it's easy to see why.

Madrid restaurants have everything to offer in world foods, but tapas is not to be missed while on your Madrid vacation. Authentic Spanish cuisine doesn't come much better than this. Madrid shopping is also something you should take time out to experience. In a chic European city like Madrid, the shopping is a must. After shopping and dining, finish off by taking a seat at one of the many cafes in the Plaza Mayor, the main square in Madrid, and watch Spanish city life go by. If you want to party like the locals, stay up late and enjoy some Flamenco. The Plaza Santa Ana area has many bars that provide Flamenco music; try Los Gabrieles in particular for its long history of hosting live Flamenco, not to mention its beautiful ceramic tile walls.

Something you might want to consider while researching Madrid tours and attractions is a bullfight. It's not for everyone, however. Some visitors will be squeamish, while others will find the event fascinating to watch. Full of tradition, drama and ritual, a bullfight is the most authentic Spanish experience you can have and the most traditional event you could witness.



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