Experience Versailles Tours by Bicycle

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Why book a bicycle tour of Versailles?

Experience Versailles Tours by Bicycle

A bicycle tour of Versailles allows you to see more than the average visitor. Cycling, instead of walking, will enable you to experience everything that Versailles has to offer. You can cover more ground and visit more of the gardens most visitors just don't have the time to see. A Versailles bicycle tour will give you a unique take on this part of France.

Versailles tours also bring you to the chateaux. Inside you'll see the hall of mirrors, where great state occasions were held and the official ending of WWI was sealed in the signing of the treaty of Versailles. You can view the royal bedrooms and Louis XIX's library, as well.

Back on your bike, you can visit the world famous Versailles food market where you can buy your lunch and have a picnic. There's also the chance to visit Marie Antoinette's Hamlet, the pretty little village where she once escaped the pressures of her position and masqueraded as a peasant girl.

Alternative Versailles travel can also take you into the town of Versailles. Created by Louis XIV and used for his exploits with women, the town has much to see including The Coach Museum, The Museum of Landmarks and The King's Kitchen Garden.



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