The Diversity of Paris Tours and Attractions

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How can I get the most out of my Paris trip?

The Diversity of Paris Tours and Attractions

It might seem a bit obvious, but The Eiffel Tower is the one to see out of all the Paris tours and attractions. It's famous for the intricate ironwork, stunning views and excellent restaurants, but also because it holds a bittersweet place in the hearts of the Parisians, who hated the tower when it was first built, but have grown to love it. You can make up your own mind!

Paris also has many museums that are worth visiting. The Louvre National Museum, Rodin Museum and The National Picasso Museum are all famous art museums. However, Parisians are most proud of the newly-opened Musee Du Quai Branly. This museum has received praised from all types of people and contains artifacts from around the world.

One attraction that should be experienced rather than witnessed is Paris Plage. It's a mini-festival next to The River Seine and a perfect antidote to all that tiring sightseeing you'll be doing. Paris Plage, which is usually held on the weekends, brings a slice of the seaside to the city with hammocks, a swimming pool and food stalls.



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