Experience the Bloom on Keukenhof Garden Tours

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Why Visit Keukenhof Gardens?

Experience the Bloom on Keukenhof Garden Tours

Holland is famous for its flowers. Year round visitors can bask in what has almost become a culture of tulips, bulbs and more tulips. Although it's true that anyone embarking on an Amsterdam vacation can expect to view fields or hothouses full of flowers, to get the best from this experience a trip in the spring is advisable.

And if it's flowers you want, Keukenhof garden tours will bring it to you. Keukenhof garden tours only run for around two months every year, from late March through May, making this a one off attraction. Whether you've booked specifically to see this or just happen to be taking your Amsterdam trip at this time of year, Keukenhof garden tours won't disappoint.

Extra planning is needed if a particular flower is of interest to you on the Keukenhof garden tours. In late March when the gardens open, daffodils, narcissi and crocus can be seen already in bloom. Tulips, for which Amsterdam is especially famous, can be enjoyed a few weeks later. If you have a liking for hyacinths, they open around mid-April so turn up any earlier than that and you may not catch these beauties. Bearing all this in mind towards the end of April is probably the best time to enjoy Keukenhof garden tours, when you're most likely to see all the above flowers in bloom.



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