See the Sights by Amsterdam Canal Cruises, Night or Day

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Can I see the sights by boat in Amsterdam?

See the Sights by Amsterdam Canal Cruises, Night or Day

Amsterdam canal cruises are a great way for visitors to see the sights of the city. A cruise won't get you to everything, but it is possible to view the architecture, streets and way of life from your seat on the water. Your guide aboard these Amsterdam canal cruises will be multilingual and will indicate any points of interest, such as Amsterdam museums, as you pass. Anne Frank's house, which stands almost at the waters edge, is a big favorite with tourists and can be easily seen from the boat, as can the Heineken Brewery.

Amsterdam canal cruises that run in the evenings with a specific theme can be either upbeat with a party atmosphere like the jazz cruise, or a more intimate, romantic experience, such as the Thai dinner. These night-time cruises are a unique way of seeing the city after dark. Hotels, cafes and shops are lit up as you pass. Even the bridges are decorated with lights, bringing the feel of this cosmopolitan city right to the boat.

Cruising the Amsterdam canals by night or day offer visitors a glimpse of some of Europe's most beautiful canals. No matter what tour you take, the most rewarding aspect of Amsterdam canal cruises is simply watching this beautiful city and its diverse population go by as you sit back and enjoy the ride.



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