See All the Best in Venice Tours and Attractions by Walking the City.

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What is the best way to get the most from Venice tours and attractions?

See All the Best in Venice Tours and Attractions by Walking the City.

One of the best ways to experience Venice tours and attractions is to take a walking tour of the city. Stroll through the intricate little streets and view the delicate bridges as well as the beautiful houses and buildings. Your walk will take you into St Mark's square, to The Church of St. Mark and other popular tourist attractions like The Bridge of Sighs.

Off the usual tourist trail path, you can walk through the old streets of Venice where you'll get a good idea of Venetian life -- past and present. You can, of course, find your own way around with a good map. But an organized tour with a guide will allow you to get much more out of the experience and will point out information and points of interest as you walk through the city.

Take a walking tour in the evening and discover the dark side of Venice when you'll learn of crime and ghostly goings on amid the canals and little streets.

The Venetians are proud of their art heritage, particularly painting and you'll see many examples of Venice art in the galleries and museums, such as The Accademia Galleries.

Restaurants in Venice offer a wide choice of world foods, but visitors should make sure they go native and eat Italian as much as possible. It's well worth it. Check through a Venice travel guide before you arrive and make the most of the gastronomic side of your Venice trip.



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