See the City on Venice Canal and Gondola Tours

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What can I expect to experience on Venice canal and gondola tours?

See the City on Venice Canal and Gondola Tours

They say Venice is the great sinking city. While it certainly is true that the waters are rising, just when Venice will disappear all together we don't know.

What you can be sure of, however, is that the sinking city claim is a great excuse to visit a destination on most people's wish list. Perhaps the ultimate in tourist attractions, you can't think of Venice without the beautiful, elegant sight of a gondola and its charm ridden gondolier popping into your mind. Don't go to Venice without taking advantage of this not to be missed attraction. Venice tourism has a long standing reputation for good taste, something you'll witness on your Venice trip and especially on Venice canal and gondola tours.

The quiet small canals of Venice are beautiful to sail along, both relaxing and full of traditional Venetian charm. While the Grand Canal offers up breathtaking views of palaces and churches, brimming with elegance and history. Sit back and relax and let the gondolier do the work, have a glass of wine, take in the views and listen to the gondolier serenade you with traditional Venetian songs.

And if the city is sinking anyway, you have no excuse not to get in the water on Venice canal and gondola tours.



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